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When CBS presented a panel for “Hostages” to the Television Critics Association, I asked Dylan McDermott whether he was Derbil McDillet or Dermot Mulronhey, and if it amused him that Mulroney is starring in the NBC hostage show “Crisis.”

McDermott gave me a thumbs up for the McDillet reference and joked that he planned this with Mulroney to confuse people even further. That night I ran into McDermott at the CBS party where I could get an exclusive interview with him about “Hostages.” He plays FBI Special Agent Duncan Carlisle?, a man who abducts the family of Dr. Ellen Sanders ( Toni Collette) in order to force her to let the President of the United States die on the operating table. “Hostages” premieres tonight on CBS.

Crave Online: Do you want us to like this character?

Dylan McDermott: You know, when I went into it, I really didn’t think about it that much. I just thought that this man is on a mission and he has something important that he has to do. It hasn’t been revealed yet what that is and why. Now you just think he’s a guy trying to kill the President. I think that I don’t worry about that as much as I once did playing a character. I used to worry about is he likable, what are people going to think of him, blah blah blah. I really don’t think about it that much anymore. I think more about what is the objective of the character. If you like him, great. If you don’t like him then you don’t like him.

When did that stop for you, caring about likability?

I think as you get older, you worry less about what people think and you worry about more what you think, if that makes sense. In maturity, you realize that life is short and really you have to make yourself happy and whatever people are going to think, they’re going to think.

There wasn’t a particular role where you just said, “Forget it?”

No, it was a kind of graduation of self. It was evolving. That’s the great thing about getting older is that you can evolve.

There are great likable villains, but they don’t all have to go that way. So it’s a question of how you approached it.
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It’s hard to believe that Dylan McDermott, who rose to stardom playing the decidedly charming and compassionate lawyer Bobby Donnell on “The Practice,” is the same actor who so convincingly inhabited the character of Johnny Morgan, the creepy, serial-killing spawn of Bloody Face, on “American Horror Story: Asylum.” You certainly can’t pigeonhole the guy.

Dylan’s latest role casts him as rogue FBI agent Duncan Carlisle on the CBS series “Hostages,” premiering Monday, September 23 at 10 p.m. EDT. Carlisle is a man on a mission—he wants the president of the United States dead, and he’ll stop at nothing to see the deed done. In fact, he takes the family of a famed surgeon (played by Toni Collette) hostage and threatens to kill everyone if she doesn’t assassinate the president during an operation she is about to perform on the world leader.

WhoSay recently spoke with Dylan about his intense role on the new thriller, the reason why he and co-star Collette click, and whether the actor, who also played sex-addicted therapist Dr. Ben Harmon on season one of “American Horror Story,” will appear in “American Horror Story: Coven,” the third season of the horror anthology series.

WhoSay: I live in Manhattan, and I see your face everywhere these days. There are “Hostages” promotional posters of you and Toni Collette with gags covering your mouths all over the city.

Dylan McDermott: I know. They’re everywhere!

WhoSay: Do you get a kick out of seeing your mug plastered on surfaces all over the city, or does it feel strange?

Dylan: It’s definitely exciting, but I don’t allow myself to get so crazy excited because I know in two weeks, it will all be down. But in those two weeks, I’m like, “This is really cool.”

WhoSay: What made you interested in playing the role of Duncan Carlisle on “Hostages”?

Dylan: Here’s a guy who was a highly respected FBI agent, but he wants to do something completely heinous and murder the president. Something has got to be a little bit off about him. So the idea of that combination of someone who could be an FBI agent but also have the ability to turn that dark corner, I thought was something really fascinating to play.
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It has officially been announced that Dylan will be a presenter at the Emmy’s this Sunday by Ken Erlich. Congratulations Dylan! I look forward to seeing you.