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Thanks to his mother, popular feminist Eve Ensler, Dylan McDermott has been ballyhooed as a “vagina warrior.”

As a teenager, The Campaign actor was adopted by The Vagina Monologues playwright, just before his father married Ensler. The two grew close and, as a result, he became more comfortable than most men about discussing women and their sexuality.

In an illuminating interview with Queen Latifah on her new talk show, the American Horror Story star revealed that Ensler’s passion for women’s rights was definitely passed on to him.

The 51 year-old admits, “I’m very comfortable with the word vagina. I was trained to be, in what we call in my family, a ‘vagina warrior’.”

Nonetheless, though he’s a big advocate for women’s rights, the actor admits he hasn’t figured women out: “She’s (Ensler) been trying to train me for years on this very topic and I keep failing miserably, but I’m getting better.”

In fact, Ensler even decided to use her son’s talents to the fullest, when she wrote a play called Scooncat, specifically for McDermott, long before the Vagina Monologues was released in 1996.

He explains, “In this play Styrofoam vaginas would drop from the sky. That was fine I was cool with that, but when they came down and dropped to the floor, I would have to put it on as a hat. So I’ve been dealing with this for a long time.”


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